Who we are?

A glance into our culture and heritage.


The team at Kuna Yala Expedition is happy to share the beauty of the Guna Yala Region of Panama. We strive to provide our visitors with the best experience so that they can share the culture of our people all over the world!

As natives of this country, we are proud of our culture and heritage. We also work hard to preserve it for the future generations. It is our commitment to always give back to our community.

How we do it

  • We take contributions from visitors.
  • We bring these contributions to the students.
  • We engage in cultural exchanges with visitors.

Why we do it

We want our next generation to learn about the world. Our visitors are welcome to visit our schools and share with them. Any of our visitors can help our community by bringing school supplies or donations for our schools.

Why it’s important

Kuna Yala Expedition is the only company that offers Educational tourism in San Blas. As a school teacher, our team leader is heavily involved into education and we strive to provide our kids with the knowledge necessary to succeed in this new world.